Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Month by month

I didn't consciously make any new year's resolutions this year, but the way it's worked out is I've succeeded in changing my life for the better in a different way each month of 2010 so far.  In January, I started keeping better track of my spending, and I now have a record of every penny I've spent this year (I have yet to do something with this information, but it's there when I need it, and the mere act of recording it all has made me much more aware of the things I spend money on).  In February I continued to keep track of my expenses diligently, and I also resolved to stop dwelling on my ex.  This, I think, is the first time I'm mentioning him in a blog post, and I haven't whined about him to anyone in real life (that I remember).

So I'm thinking March may be the month of the cello.  I really don't take advantage of working from home.  I could spend my time much more wisely.  The excuses I made last year are no longer valid.  To this end, I've contacted a cello teacher recommended by a friend (the friend is not a cellist, nor a musician to my knowledge, but she's worked with the girl and heard her play).  I owe her a call back, which I hope to make tomorrow (I have no idea what her typical day is like, but she said "Give me a bell anytime.").

And then I hope to have something to write in this blog!

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