Saturday, February 20, 2010

Maybe I should post about the cello.

The last time I picked up the cello was the night of my orchestra concert in December.  The grand master plan was to take lessons on the cello and actually play violin in the orchestra this season (I actually played the violin for ten years growing up).  I'm still slacking on finding a teacher (that charges $40 an hour or less, does such a person exist in NYC?), and though I did actually buy new strings for my violin, I have yet to sit down and actually restring my violin.  I've been going to orchestra rehearsals, but just been doing my duties as an officer and occasionally playing percussion for the few pieces that require it.

Speaking of percussion, QUO owns only a tambourine and a triangle (maybe not even the triangle), so I usually end up playing the bass, snare, and cymbal parts on the tambourine.  This week, Diego was there with his own cymbals (well, Jon's cymbals), and Jon brought his triangle, so we played Liadow's Polonaise with almost a full percussion section.  I played the snare part on the tambourine which, to be honest, was more fun and even sounded a little better, and if not better then different, but in a fun way.

The moral of this story is: please help me find a cello teacher.  I have about an hour and a half to kill, so I may try my hand at restringing that violin.

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