Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to I Need Money

Remember that violin I damaged back in April?  Well, originally we thought it was going to cost $2,000 to repair, and I got on this blog and asked you all to contribute.  Then the violin was repaired using epoxy glue, and that only cost $250, which we'd raised from within the orchestra, so I deleted the post.  Now it turns out the repair was a failure, and we're back to needing $2,000.  $2,700, actually.

Please, please donate by clicking on the button below.  Take a look at that number again.


The violinist does not have the money to pay for this repair on his own.  Please think back to a time when you made a mistake that ended up costing a lot of money to fix.  Think about being able to help someone who is in that position now.  I would be so grateful.

If 50 each give $50, we'll be there (I'd pay the rest)!

Thank you.

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