Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Lesson #2)

I was rushed on the day of my first cello lesson.  My second was the opposite.  I practiced a little before leaving, and I arrived fifteen minutes early so I wandered around a bit and took pictures.

At my last lesson, we discovered that one of my strings was vibrating against the fingerboard and making a hideous buzzing sound.  That problem went away on its own, to my great relief.

I told my teacher, as I will tell you now, that I've decided to play cello in the orchestra this set.  It's just silly to be in an orchestra and not play.  As much as I loved being dues bitch last set, it was kind of depressing to watch everyone else play while I sat and did nothing but stare at my dues spreadsheet, occasionally doodling in the margins.  After a few trips up and down the C major scale, we spent the rest of the lesson working on next set's orchestra music: Ravel's Pavane pour une infante défunte and Offenbach's Overture to Orpheus in the Underworld.  We'll also be playing Mozart's Overture to The Magic Flute and Tchaikovsky's Third Symphony, of which I am terrified.

By the time we'd gotten through Pavane, we were already over time, but she graciously offered more of her time so we could look at Orpheus.  She's really just the sweetest.

Our first orchestra rehearsal is tomorrow and I'm excited for it.  I hope to get in some practicing before it.

I'd like to buy a hook so I can hang my cello up on my wall.  Anyone know where I could buy such a thing?


  1. Check Hercules, they make some pretty sturdy stands and wall hooks.

  2. Thanks, Jacquelyn! Where are they? Do you have a web address?