Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bach is my safe haven (Practice Session 8)

Hey look, it's Tuesday!  Better get off my ass and practice!

On my ass is where I was for pretty much three straight days this past weekend.  Saturday, Sunday, and Monday all went the same way: I got up, watched TV, messed around on the internet, and dawdled until evening plans made me leave the house.  Monday was only slightly different due to a touch of atonement and fasting.  I figured all that time spent not eating would open up my schedule for other things, such as practicing, but no.  My body wanted nothing more than to sit in a chair staring at a glowing box all day, much like I do on weekdays.

So we once again arrive at Tuesday evening, the night before rehearsal, and I once again haven't looked at the music in six days.  I asked my friend Kate if she'd been reading my blog and she admitted that it's kind of a downer.  I agree.  In my blog I do nothing but bemoan my lack of discipline and the consequential lack of improvement.  I pledge to fix that.  The only way to fix that is to practice more.  Look at all of the things practicing fixes!

Tonight's practice session was a half-hour long.  After a few scales, I decided to start with the Brahms, since I didn't get to it last time, and I did horribly on it at rehearsal last week.  That was a mistake.  The Brahms is very difficult, and it discouraged me right away.  I then went through the Russian Dance from The Nutcracker, and most everything else I either tacit on or playing the piano.  Wanting to raise my spirits, I indulged in some memorized pieces written for other instruments.  I played the right hand of a Bach Minuet, one of the violin parts in the Bach Double Violin Concerto (down an octave and a fifth), and the first violin part of Bach's Fugue in G Minor (down an octave and a fifth), just as much as I could remember.

I almost wish I weren't in an orchestra.  The orchestra music is not beginner's music.  I'd really like to start from the beginning, with a teacher, and not have to worry about this music that is above my level.  A private teacher is laughably out of the question right now as I can barely find the time to sit down and practice, let alone have a lesson.

I'll try for a cheery post next time. :)

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